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North Bay Revival Center is founded on the dream and vision in the hearts of a team of revivalists who believe that everything in God’s Word reveals the dynamic nature of His Kingdom. Every promise of God is available, every spiritual gift to His people, every blessing that is “in Christ” has been made accessible to His people through the finished work of Jesus Christ.
You are created in the very image of God! Some of His DNA is in you. You are His child. You are by nature royalty. You were born for a purpose. You have a destiny that has been planned for you by the Master Designer of the universe. You were born for glory.
God is working in your life to bring about a transformation. It is not a transformation that comes by trial and tribulation. It is a transformation that comes by revelation. A revelation that you are loved by God. He loves you with an unconditional love. His love is unconditional because He said it is. He established it with a covenant. His sealed it with His blood. It is irrevocable, unalterable, unquestionable, unbreakable and everlasting.
You stand in His grace and favor. You have the favor of the King. You have access to His presence. You have the assurance of His promise. You have all of His blessings. You have special gifts to use for His glory. There is no one quite like you.
You are living in one of the greatest moments in history. The Church is in renewal. God’s people are experiencing revival. The Kingdom of God is advancing. The message of the Gospel is going forth to the nations. His power is being demonstrated in signs and wonders. You were born for such a time as this. This is your lifetime. This is your moment. He wants you to believe!
God is calling forth a people who will believe who they are in Christ. A people who will expect God to be all that He says He is in His word. A people of faith. A people of promise. A people of victory. A people of vision.
Your life is destined to impact this world for good. The good news of Jesus Christ is far more revolutionary than most Christian tradition has made it out to be. Discover with us the secrets that will release you into the place of power, fruitfulness and beauty that is yours because of this radical gospel. The heart of God longs for us to understand His love. He greatly desires intimacy with us. He wants us to see that all our desires for love, meaning and self-worth were met in the gift of His Son. His delight is that you would fully understand and enter into your blessed inheritance as a son or daughter of God.

North Bay Revival Center Main Service

December 11, 2016 10:20 am

Join us for our weekly morning service! Pour your love all over Jesus in worship, pursue His Presence, become inspired through messages and testimonies of God's goodness in your life and all across the world!

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